Sunday, March 18, 2012

Google Chrome thinks I'm awesome...

So. I went to download Google Chrome at their download site and I got a awkward "You're Awesome" message. Ugh, OK thanks... but why???

I don't use Chrome but I install it once in a while to check out new features, to learn about it in case somebody needs my help or just to be fair and stay a little less biased.

For me Chrome is just too simple. A dumbed down browser.

But back to the point. Why in the world would they include such a message?

That's when I remembered! Have you ever seen a movie called Idiocracy? In the movie there's a scene of a "COSTCO" employee welcoming their clients by telling them: "Welcome to Costco, I love you. Welcome to Costco, I love you...".

So the answer is pretty clear to me. Google is acting like an idiocracy! Dumbing down their products, manipulating you, "experimenting" with you and finding ways to spy you. Meanwhile making huge profits.

Dere ya' go, Google dinks youse an idiot. Man! Dey may recon' it in some very direct way o' in some mo'e subconcious way but ya' kin tell dey do plum by seein' deir acshuns.


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Helic said...

It's ok. I'm more into Firefox because of the addons and it looks to me a bit more uhm. Developed? But yeah Chrome is my second option. The "You're Awesome" message was too hilarious not to make fun of it :)