Monday, July 11, 2011

A wireless adapter and/or Bluetooth won't turn on after boot.

So I was having this problem where my computer's wireless adapter stopped responding after booting into Windows 7, first it was the bluetooth and then the wifi. The only way to fix them was to move the switch on the front of the computer to the OFF position and back to the ON position.

To make the story shorter. I remembered you can enable the wireless adapter from Linux Ubuntu. I didin't knew if the configuration would stay after booting back into Windows but it did :)

So what you need to do is to boot into Ubuntu (you can use a live CD) and enter these commands:

"sudo rfkill unblock wifi"
"sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth"

...or you can simply do a "sudo rfkill unblock all". The configuration is saved in the adapter's memory (Flash?).

After that just boot back into Windows.

This may work in other Linux versions.

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