Friday, June 21, 2013

Can't close Skype window

For some reason Skype's policies don't allow you to close the window when you click the close button.

This is a really weird behavior that will leave all of their users baffled at some point.

The way Skype wants you to close it is by right clicking the icon in the System Tray and choosing the "Close Skype" option. But this will close the program itself, not just the window.

This is an alternative fix in order to be able to close the window but keep Skype open in the System Tray.

You need to run Skype in compatibility mode with Windows Vista SP2.

1) Find a Skype link, it could be in the start menu or in the desktop.

2) Right click the link and select "Properties".

3) In the properties select the "Compatibility" tab.

4) In the "Compatibility" section activate the checkbox "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"

5) In the dropdown menu choose "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)" and click OK.

That's it, now check Skype's new behavior.

This works for Windows 7, Windows 8 uses the Skype app instead but if you use the desktop version this workaround will also work (desktop version).

I'm posting this because I found out that when you search for a fix (at least in Google) all the results you get are from Skype's community itself and no one gives a solution other than creating a link with the -shutdown command, which is not really a good solution at all.

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