Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Install Targus acb10us Bluetooth USB adapter in Windows 7

Just wanted to update the installation process for this old adapter I have, previously I told you how to install it under Windows Vista and now I'm going to tell you how to do it under Windows 7 (32bit).

The installation process is very simple since Windows 7 has included the drivers for this adapter, so you may simply want to plug it in and Windows 7 will do the work for you, it only takes a couple minutes.

The only problem I had after installing was that Windows Action Center was giving me some alerts (days after the installation) saying that I needed to download the drivers for it, so I did, but as you may suspect the driver is too complicated to use and the interface was very weird, so what I did was to uninstall them, you can save time if what you want is to simply send receive files then just use Windows default driver.

If you don't care about this weird hair raising over complicated driver then go ahead and install the recommended driver that has a few more utilities than just send and receive files.


Anonymous said...


correct driver for audio/etc

Helic said...

Ok, thx for the link.

If somebody wants audio and stuff they'll probably need it. That's Broadcom's official site.