Sunday, June 6, 2010

magicJack won't dial out.

I just had this dumb error where magicJack simply stopped dialing or recognoising my phone's tones so I just wanted to do this little post about the problem. This works for Windows 7 and probably for other Windows versions.

The simptoms are:

1. You dial a number and magicJack just continues giving you the dial tone.

2. If you open the magicJack application window and dial with the phone, you'll see it doesn't registers the key presses from the phone.

The problem:

If you, someone or something has changed any sound configuration recently, then maybe it changed something it shouldn't.

The solution:

1. Press the "Start" button.
2. Click on "Control Panel".
3. Click on "Sound".
4. Click on the "Recording" tab.
5. Right click inside the window and check "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices".
6. Right click "USB Internet Phone by TigerJet" and click on "Enable".
7. Click on "Properties", "Levels" tab and check that the sound is enabled and at a right level (not too low).

That's it.


Anonymous said...

Been down this road a few times now and by trial and error I have a fix that works:

First and foremost DO NOT DL MJUpgrade.exe nor run it, let the MJ upgrade itself when we get to that step.
MJ Should Be plugged in at this step
1. Disable any running MJ apps via task manager
2. Delete Folder app data/ roaming/ mjusbsp
3. Reformat the MJ Drive, quick is ok
4. Open Device Manager
5. Uninstall under sound, USB Internet Phone
6. Uninstall under portable devices MagicJack
<<<I also Uninstall my Audio device under sound as well, it will reinstall on the reboot...don't know if this has any effect or not
7. Remove MJ from USB before it starts autoreinstalling drivers
8. Reboot PC
9. Allow time for audio drivers to reinstall
10. plug in MJ, alllow time for it to DL and upgrade on it's own
11. Check sound in control panel to make sure it it showing up as enabled in both playback and recording, and check levels sufficient

Try and 411 Call and see if you hear thru handset

Let me know if this works or if any steps need revision!

If this works PLEASE STICKY IT

Helic said...

Thanks for your solution, your problem appears to be different from mine though, the problem I had was that somebody disabled the sound adapter and I couldn't find it since the device was hidden, the sound was too low also.

Your problem seemed to be more complex than mine since you needed to uninstall and install back MJ.

I don't see why method shouldn't work for somebody with your same problem.


Anonymous said...

I worked online with MJ support for hours and even they did not figure this out. Yes, my sound was disabled just like suggested even though I did not change it (so I wouldn't think to go here and undo anything I may have tried). This WAS the solution and did fix the silence when I dialed out. It fixed it so calls can now ring in and I can now hear them which they did not before. I am so grateful for this forum!!!