Thursday, March 11, 2010

M7VIG 400 Motherboard Drivers

Recently I had to format an old Biostar desktop with an M7VIG 400 motherboard and I had a little hard time finding its drivers (especially the one for the modem) so I decided to make a little compilation of its drivers just in case someone needs them, I checked them with my antivirus and they are clean but if you want to be sure they are clean here is the link to download Biostar's M7VIG 400 drivers from their official web page->, the only missing driver at Biostar's website is the modem driver (PC Tel HSP56 MR (VIA)) which comes included on my driver compilation here ->
MD5: 62B73FB666AE043B6CE8051B1183A8C6

I also included the motherboard's manual.

These drivers are intended for Windows XP (32bit)

This is how Belarc Advisor tags this motherboard:
System Model: VIA Technologies, Inc. KM266A-8235
Board: KM266A-8235

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